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Standard Generator Maintenance Costs (plus applicable taxes):

 Residential Gas                                                                                                 Annually                                

5kW-14kW                                                                                                            $249.00                    
15kW-25kW                                                                                                          $269.00                    
26kW-40kW                                                                                                          $298.00                
41kW-100kW                                                                                                       $446.00                    

 Residential/Industrial Diesel

5kW-14kW                                                                                                            $324.00                
15kW-25kW                                                                                                          $361.00                    
26kW-40kW                                                                                                          $408.00                    
41kW-100kW                                                                                                       $597.00                
101kW-199kW                                                                                                     $653.00               
200kW-250kW                                                                                                     $807.00               
250kW-500kW                                                                                                     $883.00                

Services Provided: As may be applicable to Client’s specific kW rated generator, NGS agrees to visit the customers site QUARTERLY and provide some or all of the following services:

Change oil and filter after manufacturer’s recommended break-in procedure (client must notify NGS of the generator hours);
Change or clean all filters (oil, fuel, and air) annually/bi-annually;(if applicable)
Change lubricating oil; based on manufacture’s recommendations
Replace spark plugs annually or based on manufacture’s recommendations;(if applicable)
Check air inlets and outlets for debris. Clean as necessary;
Adjust valve clearance as required (if applicable)
Check and add battery fluid (change battery each third year of agreement); or as needed
Check and add engine coolant (replace engine coolant each third year of agreement); or as needed;(if applicable)
Spray engine linkages with light oil such as WD-40;
Check voltage and frequency produced by generator and adjust to proper settings; (once per year, no-load)
Check operation of transfer switch; (once per year, no-load)
Operate generator under load for ten minutes and check voltage and frequency; (once per year)
Confirm Client’s ability to operate transfer switch and generator correctly, and, if necessary, offer limited instruction on these points;
Provide report to Client of any condition that may require additional service from NGS or that may fall under the manufacturer’s warranty;
Store information in log book that is kept in shop and give client a copy of report.

Rev 3/8/17